Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cooking Tips: How to remove fish smell from hands

How to remove fish smell from your hands - yes...  this would be the first question which comes to our mind when we need to clean the fish. Though we can cut and clean the fish, it would be disgusting when our hands smells like fish and we need to get rid off that fish smell.

Don't worry, here I give some tips to remove the fish smell from your hands. 

Tip 1: Wash your hands with salt. Yes take 1 tsp salt and rub on your hands. Wash it off. 

Tip 2: Take 1tbsp of Apple Vinegar or Lemon juice and apply on your hands. Then wash it off. Fish smell goes off. 

(Some times I combine both the above tips)

Tip 3: Take little amount of baking soda and water. Make a paste and apply on your hands and rinse off. 

Tip 4: Take a small amount of tooth paste and rub and wash your hands using it. (Got from internet)

Tip 5: Rub your hands in a stainless steel vessel. (Does it work really??? I have not tried it. Source here)

Tip 6: Wash your hands with normal soap adding tbsp of sugar. Rub your hands until the sugar dissolves. Check, now your fish smell is also gone. (Source here)

So do you have any other better tips to remove the Fish odor from hands??? Then plz share here.... ����

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cooking Tips: How to peel garlic skin easily

How to peel skin of garlic cloves easily: We always have difficulty in peeling the skin of garlic cloves.. That too when we need to prepare the ginger garlic paste, where we do in bulk quantity, we always have this trouble and it is a time consuming task.

So here I give some tips to remove the skin easily. 

Tip 1: If you have microwave oven,  just microwave the garlic for 15 sec. Now try to remove it. It comes out easily. 

Tip 2: If you do not have microwave, then in a vessel, add the garlic and heat it up and peel the skin. 

Tip 3: check this link, where they mention how to peel garlic in less than 10 seconds 

Or do you follow any other method to remove the skin from garlic. Share with me. 

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