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I am Akila... Working Mother of two and author for this blog. As most of you people... I went to kitchen after marriage only. Before that, I know only to cook maggi and to do Tomato chutney, as it is my favorite. I brought two cookbooks by chef Dhamu along with me when I came Singapore first time. I used to call my Mom, Mil to try even a simple sambar. Morning I take bread and butter and for lunch, get yogurt outside and have curd rice with pickle. Even cooking the rice in cooker is a night mare for me. Those were the days I struggled hard. I hope even some of you might have these kind of experiences like me.

I asked one of my friend to give easy recipes and she gave some and asked me to check internet. That was the first time, I started searching for recipes in net and saw people posting recipes for beginners like me. That was the first time, I came to know about blogging. Slowly I started my interest in cooking. After a year, I started my own blog in wordpress, but could not continue it. Two years later, I started my own cooking blog and named as "Learing-to-cook" as I am still learning the different cuisines and experimenting the Eggless baking. 


The recipes in my blog are tried and tasted by me and my family members. I sometimes browse net for new recipes and try out. In such case, will definitely give the credit to the source recipe. Since I got some requests from viewers for step by step pictures, now a days, I post recipes with step by step methods and pictures of the recipe. I am planning to post the video of the recipes too.

Camera and Photography

In the early stages of blogging, I used Point n shoot camera to click the pictures and used picasa to edit them. Now bought the DSLR Canon EOS 600D and use the lens, 18-55mm which came along with the camera. I use light room version 4 to do the post processing of the pictures I clicked. I am not a professional food photographer or food stylist. I am still learning the food photography and trying to improve it day by day. Also I am trying to update my old photos with the new and decent photos.


If you have tried any of the recipes from this site, please do share or comment your experience. It encourages me to post more recipes. Also if you need any queries/doubts/new recipes then too, leave a comment or use contact me form or mail me(given at the end). I try to reply you at the earliest. But please do not spam here.

Copy right

All the content and photographs are copyrighted. Please do not use without prior permission. If you like to use, please ask first using the contact me tab or email me(Given at the end).


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